Professional Concrete Edging MN

Transform your yard with the clean look, beauty, and durability of Curb Creations Concrete Edging… and join the satisfied homeowners who now say, “It’s the best thing I ever did to my yard!”
  • Durability, beauty and visual separation between your lawn and landscape.
  • Reduced maintenance when mowing and maintaining your lawn and landscape. Rock and mulch stay in place and your landscaping is clean and elegant.
  • Design flexibility allows curves, turns, and contours that enhance your landscaping.
  • Value, low cost and longevity. It’s the permanent solution to landscape edging.

Our product is not pre-cast and is based on the proven Tuff Curb Technology. It is custom installation done at your residence, business, etc. The majority of jobs are an easy in, easy out, one day installation. In most cases the only thing you will notice at the end of the day is a distinctive concrete border that dramatically improves the appearance of flower beds, landscape areas, driveways, sidewalk and patio areas.

Curb Creations has extruded hundreds of thousands of feet of concrete edging since 1986. Our expanding list of referrals reflects or #1 priority… QUALITY!

Client Reviews

What can we do for you?

  • Original. The value you receive from concrete edging will be reflected not only in the visible beauty and cleanliness of your yard, but in the long-term increased value and equity of your home and landscaping. That is why we brought the product to the Midwest area in 1986. Our customers always comment at the huge improvement that continuous concrete edging has made to increase their home’s “curb appeal.””
  • Experience. The biggest asset Curb Creations can give you is our 31 years of experience in the landscape curbing industry. We’ve seen it all…and we put our experience and expertise to work every day to create “the look” that is just right for you.
  • Skill. By using our skill and attention to detail, we can make sure that your job is “one of a kind”. Even though we have installed 424 miles of curbing to 9,339 satisfied customers…your job is still the most important.
  • Quality. To ensure your installation is done to the highest quality, we created the “CODE of STANDARDS” for the concrete edging industry. We adhere and exceed these standards daily.
  • Commitment. We will work hand in hand with you to create the look you want, the design that makes your yard precise and elegant, and the perfect colors, textures and stamps that compliment your home and landscaping. We are committed to your satisfaction and have also added custom engraved concrete boulders to our product offering.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Looking forward to serving you,

David Meyer, Owner/President

“If you are looking for an experienced, reputable concrete edging company, one that delivers quality 100% of the time, and makes your landscaping look amazing…then take a look at some of the Twin Cities professionals that choose Curb Creations.”

We are proud members of the:

  • BBB
  • MNLA (Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association) since 2001
  • and the Home Advisors Team.

In 2009 Curb Creations won a National Award for most Creative Curbing Project.


Curb Creations - Completed Project Walk-Through