Turn Your Location Into a Landmark…With Boulder Designs® By Curb Creations!

Not just a Sign, but a Landmark Your Customer Won’t Forget

Boulder signage will give your business a unique, natural, and professional appearance where other types of signs can’t compete.

With Boulder Signage from Boulder Designs® by Curb Creations

  • Have your business stand out from the crowd.
  • Give your business a sense of strength and stability.
  • Custom made just for your individual business. One of a kind!
  • Be the envy of your competition.

People will often judge a business by how it looks on the outside. “During a two-year study, 165 independent small businesses surveyed between 15 and 30 of their first-time customers or clients to determine what prompted their first visit. In all, 2,475 new customers were surveyed. When asked the question “How did you learn about us?” fifty percent responded that the company’s signage was their first exposure to the business. Hence, a business’s signage can be estimated to generate between 15 percent and 45 percent of a small firm’s revenue.”
-U.S. Small Business Administration


Our Boulders Are a Natural Option to Plastic or Wood…

  • Our boulders are 100% solid; there is no “hollow shell”.MN Custom Boulder Sign
  • They have the strength to “last a lifetime”.
  • Our boulders are often allowed by local zoning regulation where standard signage is not.
  • The products are an environmentally friendly choice and are maintenance free when compared to other products.

We will custom design exactly what you want before it’s made. Using photoshop, we will create a mock up that can be changed, altered, shaped, and sized to your specifications. You will see what your commercial boulder sign looks like before you buy. Your custom creation, made by Boulder Designs® by Curb Creations is limited only by your imagination. Our boulder signs can fit any sized budget, and will be created, delivered, and installed by our professional crew.

You Have Our Word and We Stand Behind Every Sign We Deliver

Boulder Designs® product line became reality after 12 years of research and development. Much effort was put into constructing a truly natural and realistic boulder with the capabilities of producing a custom look for every product created. Each commercial boulder sign is “one of a kind”, not mass produced, and has the look, feel, and artistic appearance of a real stone. You have the advantage of creating the “look” that is right for your particular application. Mother Earth doesn’t give you that kind of versatility. Boulder Designs® by Curb Creations commercial boulders are 100% solid and made with our specialized processing equipment using specially enhanced concrete. There is no “hollow shell” with our products to weaken its strength.

Contact us to get a quote or learn more about our custom crafted commercial boulder signs.

We will be happy to work within your budget and create mock ups so you can see what your custom boulder sign will look like before you buy.