Custom Installation Process

Our product is not pre-cast. It is custom installation done at your residence, business, etc. The majority of jobs are an easy in, easy out, one day installation. In most cases the only thing you will notice at the end of the day is a distinctive concrete border that dramatically improves the appearance of flower beds, landscape areas, driveways, sidewalk and patio areas.

1. Free On-Site Evaluation and Estimate

It is extremely important for us to look at the site before a solid price can be given. There are a lot of variables we have to take into consideration when pricing a job including location, timing, difficulty, and of course footage. We want your yard to be a distinctive “showplace”. We will always give you professional advice and design ideas so that your new concrete edging will contour, flow, and gracefully compliment your landscaping and home.

2. Approximate Installation Date Set

We will give you an approximate date when we will start the installation of your new concrete edging. Any variances are usually due to weather. Remember that Curb Creations is busy throughout the construction season, so please book as early as possible to avoid long delays.

3. Ground Preparation

Before ground preparation begins, we use marking paint to mark the contours, curves and graceful lines that will accent your yard. The ground is prepared using a sod cutter and shovels. We dig a small trench approximately 2 inches deep and 12 inches wide. It is extremely important that the trench is deep enough to compliment mowing and maintenance. Great pride is also taken in making sure the trench is flowing exactly as we had designed.

4. Mixing

The concrete is mixed on-site using our specially designed mixer and trailer. Using Portland cement, fine washed sand, and a unique admixture, we create a durable, zero-slump concrete mix.

5. Concrete Extrusion

The concrete is wheel-barrowed to the curb machine, fed into the hopper of the curb machine, and automatically extruded into a beautiful, continuous landscape border. Garden beds and landscape areas are gracefully installed with a radius as small as 36 inches. As the concrete is being extruded, an 1/8 inch, zinc coated, steel cable is being is run through the entire length of the concrete edging.

6. Troweling and Finishing

Troweling is done immediately after extrusion to take out any imperfections in the concrete. Great care is taken in achieving a professional finished appearance. Release, or accent colors are then cast or rolled on the troweled curbing giving your concrete border a very natural appearance.

7. Stamping and Texturing

We will then roll on a texture and stamp the curb to create a natural appearance that compliments your existing landscaping and home. This process gives your edging the look and feel of real brick, stone, or pavers. We are experienced in complementing colors and textures to compliment your surrounding landscaping.

8. Cutting Control Joints and Sealing

Control joints are then cut approximately 2 feet apart, 1/2 way through the curbing to control the seasonal expansion/contraction process. Before we leave, excess dye will be blown off and a high quality, solvent based sealant will be applied.