Custom Development Entrance Signs

The entrance to any neighborhood or development needs the extra touch of a custom created, one of a kind, boulder sign from Boulder Designs® by Curb Creations. Let us create the perfect boulder that captures your neighborhood image and sets you apart from all other developments.

Our boulders are created to meet the specifications you desire for your entrance. No more shopping around trying to find a boulder that is just adequate, now we can create the “perfect” boulder for you. Let us know the specifications of your logo, name, colors, and other requirements and we will design your custom signage in a full color proof. We can actually place the digital image into a photo of your background, so there are no surprises after you buy.

Neighborhood Entrance Signs
Neighborhood Entrance Signs

Your custom created boulder will be a unique, one of a kind entrance sign that will give your neighborhood a sense of strength and stability. Your personal entrance boulder is constructed of solid proprietary enhanced concrete that naturally looks, feels, and reflects the beauty and timeliness of stone. Our boulders are solid all the way through, incredibly durable, and can be custom crafted to any specifications of size, shape, color and imprint design.

We will custom design exactly what you want before it’s made. Using photoshop, we will create a mock up that can be changed, altered, shaped, and sized to your specifications. You will see what your neighborhood entrance boulder looks like before you buy. Your custom creation, made by Boulder Designs® by Curb Creations is limited only by your imagination. Our boulders can fit any sized budget, and will be created, delivered, and installed by our professional crew.

Why Choose an Entrance Boulder From Boulder Designs® by Curb Creations

  • A great way to capture the feel and image of your neighborhood.
  • Naturally and Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Great addition to any landscape, garden, or entrance area.
  • No maintenance as compared to lesser quality products.
  • Design, size, shape, and colors can compliment surrounding landscape.
  • Will outlast other products.
  • Custom designed just for you. Size, shape, pattern, colors and style.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • The entire neighborhood will fall in love with the “look” of a natural boulder entrance.
Custom MN Neighborhood Entrance Sign
Custom MN Neighborhood Entrance Sign

You Have Our Word

Boulder Designs® product line became reality after 12 years of research and development. Much effort was put into constructing a truly natural and realistic stone with the capabilities of producing a custom look for every product created. Every entrance boulder is “one of a kind”, not mass produced, and has the look, feel, and artistic appearance of a real stone. You have the advantage of creating the “look” that is right for your particular application. Mother Earth doesn’t give you that kind of versatility. Boulder Designs® by Curb Creations entrance stones are 100% solid and made with our specialized processing equipment using specially enhanced concrete. There is no “hollow shell” with our products to weaken its strength.


Contact us to get a Free quote or learn more about our custom crafted entrance boulders.

We will be happy to work within your budget and create mock ups, so you can see what your custom entrance boulder will look like before you buy. It’s So Easy! We do it all, from start to finish; design, fabrication, and installation.