Personalized Concrete Stone Signs for Residential & Commercial

Boulder Designs by Curb Creations is an independently owned and locally operated franchise that creates beautiful, custom crafted landscape boulders that can be used for name and address boulders, business signage, memorials, farms and ranches, schools, parks, subdivisions, cities, apartment, condo and townhome complexes, anywhere that signage is desired or needed, Boulder Designs by Curb Creations can create.

Our boulders are 100% solid and made with our proprietary processing equipment using specialized enhanced concrete. There is no hollow shell. An average boulder can weigh anywhere from 200 – 3,000 pounds or more. They definitely have the strength to last a lifetime.

Commercial Boulder for MN Business

Each boulder is individually custom crafted using our proprietary equipment, and designed around the content that you would like to appear on it. The Boulder Designs corporate office provides everything we need to create that one-of-a-kind boulder made just for you. In addition, most of our business clients find that their boulder signage is often allowed by zoning regulations where standard signage is not.

Please look through the information on this website and please contact with questions or a free consultation. We can help design and create the boulder that is just right for you. We can email you mockups of what your boulder will look like even before it is created. There are no surprises. Once we complete the design process with you, delivery of your new boulder, in most cases, generally takes 2 – 4 weeks.

Custom Boulder Business Signs


Any business will stand out from the crowd when your customers look at your name, logo and content on a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, customized business boulder from Boulder Designs by Curb Creations. The natural beauty of our custom crafted boulder will give strength, stability, and positivity that employees as well as customers will appreciate.

Boulders are a natural option to plastic and wood…

  • Our boulders are 100% solid, there is no “hollow shell”.
  • They have the strength to “last a lifetime”.
  • Our boulders are often allowed by local zoning regulations where standard signage is not.
  • The products are an environmentally friendly choice and are maintenance free when compared to other products.
MN Commercial Concrete Boulder

Imagine your business sign boulder set within a garden-like atmosphere with borders of flowering shrubs and a matching concrete park bench. Your signage boulder will blend in beautifully into the natural landscape, yet it stands a cut above with its regal and distinctive look. You will be noticed easily from the street or sidewalk. Turn your business into a landmark!

Address Rocks, Garden Stones, Pet Memorials and More...

Boulder Design products are an easy, inexpensive way to add that custom touch to your residential landscape. We can imprint your address, family name, a special image or message, display a patriotic image, or anything else you want on a boulder, bench, fire pit, memorial stone, garden stone or mailbox.

You can choose the size, shape, and color. We will literally customize your outdoor living space with our one-of-a-kind residential concrete products. We can design exactly what you want before it’s made. Pick from different options to get your perfect enhanced concrete product done to your specifications.

Make your home the envy of friends and neighbors. Everyone’s home is their castle and standing regally at the entrance to your castle is your beautifully imprinted boulder. Let everyone know where you live, especially the pizza driver, who always seems to miss your driveway.

Our custom crafted enhanced concrete products are “Made Just for You”!

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