7 Reasons Why Homeowners Choose Curb Creations Decorative Concrete Edging Over Plastic, Metal, Wood, or Blocks and Pavers, and Now Say: "It's The Best Thing I Ever Did To My Yard".

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1. NOTHING will give you the durability of concrete. Curb Creations has customers over 20 years that we see at our home and garden shows that gladly tell of the longevity of our product. Our decorative concrete edging has a 3500 psi rating. We add fibermesh to reinforce the concrete and have an 1/8 inch zinc coated steel cable running throughout the curb. Control joints are scored approximately every 2 feet to allow for expansion and contraction of the product. Our concrete edging has been designed and engineered to withstand large riding mowers. That is why commercial accounts like Cargill and General Mills have chosen concrete landscape curbing.

Concrete will not rust, will not rot, and will maintain its shape and design year after year. That is why most of our work is replacing the black poly edging that most landscapers put in. Over time, black poly edging begins to pop up, looses the shape, and allows landscape material to spill onto the lawn.

2. NOTHING will give you the classic finish and visual separation between lawn and landscape of continuous decorative concrete edging. Over the years our clients always comment on how the landscape curbing "cleans up" the landscape areas and gives them a finished, elegant appearance. The decorative landscape curbing will literally "transform" your yard. Before and after pictures are amazing. The product's design, curves, contours, and appearance are dramatically impacted by the expertise of the company installing. Precise curves, perfect straight lines, consistent flow, and a depth that is attractive as well as maintenance free, should be a priority when installing. Just as a fine painting needs a frame to complete the artwork, so does landscaping need a professional installed decorative concrete landscape edge to make it a "showplace".

3. NOTHING will allow you the ability to custom match the curbing with existing pavers, brick, stone, house color, landscape rock color, mulch color, or other landscape variables like decorative concrete edging will. The mixing process allows for us to add any color to compliment your landscape and home. We can also use color accents as well as texture and stamp to give your concrete edging a "natural" look that will complete the landscaping and home. The edging becomes part of the landscaping rather than some concrete barrier that does not fit in.

4. NOTHING will allow you the satisfaction of reduced maintenance when mowing and maintaining your lawn and landscape. Curb Creations will take the time to do the necessary ground preparation so your decorative curbing will match up to your existing lawn. In most cases you will be able to mow right on the curbing with little or no trimming. The concrete edging is designed to have a higher back side to hold your rock, mulch, or other landscape materials in place. You will not have rocks or mulch falling out on your grass. The front edge will match up to your lawn and will be installed as close to the grass as possible. There is nothing worse than having a company install the edging poorly and leave you with a large gap between your lawn and the curb. Decorative concrete edging gives you the "clean" look that homeowners strive for.

5. Curb Creations experience, reputation, quality, and commitment to excellence. Installing decorative concrete edging is all we do.everyday. We pride ourselves in doing the best possible job for each and every customer.period. The owner will be in charge of every job, making sure your job is done to the standards that Curb Creations has set.

6. Homeowners that choose decorative curbing realize they deserve the elegant look and clean lines that concrete landscape curbing provides. They take pride in their homes and will pay for the value that concrete edging provides. Our clients have worked extremely hard to get to the position in life where they appreciate their yards and the hours they have spent making them look attractive. Decorative concrete landscape edging is a natural decision for them to make to achieve "the look" they have worked hard to attain. You deserve to have you yard look "exceptional".

7. NOTHING will compare in value when you compare cost to longevity and factor in the added value when or if you decide to sell your home. Landscaping is an important aspect in the value and "curb appeal" of any home. The use of concrete edging will increase that value and improve the "curb appeal" of your home. When you compare the cost of concrete edging to other borders you will be amazed by the quality and added value you receive from concrete landscape edging. Remember, this product was created to be a permanent edge, unsurpassed and unequaled by other so-called pavers, blocks, stones, plastic, or wood. The value you receive from a properly installed concrete edging is worth the cost.

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