Below are the Benefits of Working With Curb Creations

1. 30 years on the job experience…..Owner has input on every job to ensure customer satisfaction. Excellence is expected from every member of the crew. 372 miles of extruded concrete edging in 91 cities, in and around the Twin Cities area.

2. Expert Designs…..We work with you to create a custom designed concrete edge that will dramatically add beauty and value to your landscaping. The picture on the website and in the book reflects our precision and workmanship. All the pictures are the work of Curb Creations.

3. Expert Coloring, Texturing, and Stamping…..Using integral and accent colors along with a variety of stamp and texture patterns, we can create a custom look that will compliment your existing landscaping and home exterior.

• Our integral (base) and release (accent) coloring and stamping techniques create a look and feel of natural stone or brick.
• Integral color is added to mixer on site. Color is mixed throughout the concrete.
• No glossy slurry coats or colored sealants used.
• No glossy sealants used.

4. Concrete Curb will match lawn elevation…..creating easy mowing.

• We spend a great amount of time getting the trench prepared at just the right height.
• Every inch of the trench is groomed by hand before curb is extruded.
• Eliminates trimming and weeding time.
• Keep grass and weeds out of beds.

5. 3500 psi mix used.

• Reinforced with polypropylene fibermesh.
• Control joints scored every 2 feet apart.
• Engineered to withstand large riding mowers.
• Steel cable used to increase strength and reduce separation.

6. Curbmate Cobra gas curb machine used…..Produces greater compaction resulting in a stronger curb. This larger, quicker machine needs an experienced operator for optimum results. The decorative curb machines are all manually driven. Experience is required to give the professional results you deserve.

7. We are extremely cautious and respectful of homeowner’s yard.

* Concrete is mixed in the street and wheel barrowed to curb machine.
* No heavy equipment is used that could tear up lawn or damage driveway.
* Sprinkler heads are located and marked as to not disturb them.
* Cable wire is exposed, marked, and curb is laid over it.
* Downspouts taken off so they will not be damaged.
* No damage to existing plants and shrubs.

8. Curb Creations finished design is:

• Guaranteed, crisp, clean, and creative.
• Guaranteed, that straight lines will be just that…..STRAIGHT.

9. All starts, stops, and tie-ins – professionally done…..see pictures.

10. Curb is extruded extremely close to the lawn side of the trench.

• This requires much skill and experience because the curb machine has to be manually steered and elevated to follow the trench closely.
• No big gaps between lawn and curb – No need for extra dirt and sod.
• Cleaner lines make mowing easier.

11. Professional Clean Up.

• Excess concrete, on front edge of mold during extrusion, is removed to allow grass to grow up to curb.
• Loose concrete picked up.
• Mixer and equipment are cleaned in street.
• Driveways and sidewalks are swept and hosed as needed.
• If hose is used – recoiled and put back.
• Downspouts put back on. (if we can)

12. Curb Creations Professional Installation Crew Expectations:

• Owner is with to oversee. No middleman communication.
• No foul language used.
• No chewing and spitting tobacco.
• No sunflower seeds.
• No alcohol…..After work offering from homeowner is acceptable.
• Shirts stay on.
• Excellence and attention to detail is expected at every job site.
• Homeowner’s yard is to be treated as if it was your own.
• We strictly adhere to our own “CODE OF STANDARDS”.